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Help With My Home Studio Project?

Thanks to the super awesome TacomaGrey, I am setting up a Home Studio for Webcamming, You Tube videos and Photoshoots. I have wanted an umbrella lighting setup for a long time! I’m so excited! <3333333

:::oops::: There’s just one more thing I realized I need before I can put it to use – a light coloured opaque curtain. (I have some white sheers, but those are a total #fail for something like this.) Unfortunately, for the next several weeks, I can’t spend money on anything that isn’t absolutely essential. (Why? Because I bought all but 1 of my own bday drinks, since only 1 person showed up for my party *whine* and I was so busy feeling sorry for myself that I didn’t realize how high my tab got until it was too late. I also have a doctor’s appointment coming up that I have to pay for out of pocket since I am uninsured.) /emo

I’d really like to get started working with my new equipment asap, so I am hoping  some kind soul might purchase the beige curtain from –> MY AMAZON WISHLIST <– . Pretty please? *bats lashes* You know I feel weird asking for stuff, so I’d be willing to offer you a short custom video or small custom photoset as a Thank You, if you like. This studio will definitely renew my enthusiasm and allow me to move forward on some web projects I’ve had on the backburner, so you’ll see more of me and in new ways, if that’s an incentive :)

EDIT 10/17/13: Curtain purchased! Thank you, Soliano! <333333

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