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For The Love Of Cacophony

When I am at my boyfriend’s house, I seize every opportunity to blast [what you might possibly consider horrible] music on his badass stereo, because I sure as shit can’t do that at my apartment. I don’t even have a stereo or boombox or whatever old people would normally rock out with. (I mean, I am 36 now. #lulz)

Songs I can’t stop listening to lately:


Senses Fail is (er, was) one of my favourite bands. They played here this week with For The Fallen Dreams, Expire, Being As An Ocean, and So Many Ways. I figured SF must be touring in support of a new record, so I pulled it up on Spotify. I had planned on going until I listened to it. I didn’t like it. Man, I hate, hate, hate saying that, but it’s the truth. There were only 2 songs on the whole thing that I didn’t want to skip over. I feel like a disloyal fan, but their sound has changed over the years from Screamo to more what I’d consider American Hardcore. Sure, both genres are similar and I like them both, but I am kind of burnt out on hardcore lately. I’m leaning more towards those melodic harmonies and bittersweet lyrics found in Screamo. (I am more wistful and resigned than angry and in your face, I guess?) I looked up the other acts too and really could only get into So Many Ways, but it’s rumored they cancelled. Anyway, so, yeah, kind of a bummer about Senses Fail. I’ll give the record another chance eventually.

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