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Jill Stuart JS111 Black Crystal

JS111BlackCrystalIt’s just about time for me to get new glasses. (I’m supposed to get an eye exam every 2 years. It’s been at least 4, ok, maybe 5. Oops!) It would be cheaper to simply replace the lenses in my current daily-wear frame, but the bridge of them has worn almost all the way through to the lenses on both sides. They will be completely unwearable pretty soon. Bummer. Well, I guess new frames it is! I found some frames that were a tolerable balance between [pseudo] cateye and office appropriate, but they were out of stock. What?! Nooooo….!!!! A little research indicated that style is also discontinued by the manufacturer. Fu….!!!! That explains way I couldn’t find the same ones anywhere else, argh! I kept obsessively checking sites on a daily basis, hoping someone had more sitting in the warehouse waiting to be restocked. Finally, a site added 1 more. One! OMG!

I found a coupon code (and dipped into a little of the xmas gift fund I’d recently started squirreling away /cringe) to purchase the frames only. I can’t afford lenses right now, but I was so worried these frames would disappear again never to be found, I bought them anyway and, finances permitting, I will fill them somewhere else at a later date. I feel guilty, excited and relieved all at once!

[EDIT: The frames didn't fit. I'm crushed. I sent them back and received a full refund. The quest for the perfect new pair continues...]

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