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When Later Doesn’t Come

Wait… Where’d November go?! There were several days that I think I had somewhat interesting crap to blog about, but I kept telling myself “later.” However, later never quite came and now I don’t remember the bulk of what I wanted to say.

All kinds of disappointing things happened last month, but surprisingly, I didn’t lose my shit. (Go me! Must be the vitamins!) I haven’t slept well though and that finally caught up to me in the form of upper respiratory infected goodness, lasting a solid week. Yuck! Today, I feel a little more human. Now, if I could just stop coughing in the middle of the night, that would be super!

I know many people freak the fuck out come December. Oddly, I am managing the season better this year. As of Cyber Monday, I’ve almost finished Xmas shopping. (I am doing it online again.) My Boyfriend was easy to buy for, so he = done. His daughter would probably prefer cash or a gift card, so that’s as good as taken care of.  Anything my Mom wouldn’t normally splurge on for herself (i.e. beauty products) will be simple to order. I’m unsure about my BFF, but I’ll play Santa and ask him what he’d like for Christmas. Really, the only holiday related thing that is stressing me out is arranging when/how to see my Mom. I don’t like asking anyone for anything- especially rides, but I’ll have to if I want to spend any time with Mom over the holidays. (And I do. Very much so. )

And what’s on my Wishlist? Honestly, I couldn’t think of much [within reason... a new computer or laptop isn't]. Perhaps I’d most enjoy a giftcard for when I do find something I want.




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