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tousledelegance's Journal

Tousled Elegance
11 October 1977
I'm a plethora o' contradictions, running the gamut from Classy to Trashy, unabashed to coy, rational to romantic, expressive to tight lipped, warm to remote, silly to serious, and so on and so forth.
My ideas and my motivation to bring them full circle are constantly at odds. And, I can be longwinded in my quest to be understood and to be as genuine as possible.

I am a Childfree, Bisexual, quasi Atheist, Social Liberal/Fiscal Conservative, Objectivist, Cynic, Revisionist, Camgirl and Beauty School Dropout with a degree in Theatre, now employed in Real Estate/Property Management after the Radio industry broke my heart with the evils of automation.

I've always tended to internalize habitually, which makes for a lot of emo shit to sift through here. I don't want to explode seemingly out of the blue one day, so I use this as self therapy. I make no apologies for posting my thoughts and feelings in my journal, nor would I ever expect anyone else to apologize for doing so in their own, but please show some respect and do not use my journal as your own personal soapbox. When I disable comments or filter an entry, it is because the subject matter tends to trigger some of you to leave patronizing, condescending comments and I don't take kindly to folks that are constantly offering unsolicited advice, valiantly attempting to bring me down, trying to contradict anything I say, or desperately one-upping people with your obscure knowledge you obtained via Google & Wikipedia.
I am a believer in tact; you can say anything to anyone, provided you word it tactfully. Just don't be a douche; think before you post.

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